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This article says the same thing I was trying to say in the previous blog post, except much more clearly!


the President’s paygrade

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Surely there has been a great flurry of blogging, etc. about President Obama’s appearance at yesterday’s commencement exercises at Notre Dame. What a dramatic dichotomy between Notre Dame’s Catholic foundations (it being the largest Catholic university in the US) and the president’s stated support for abortion rights, embryonic stem cell research, and other anti-life legislation.

My issue with his appearance at a publicly recognized Catholic institution (and with him in general!) is such:  during his campaign, Obama stated that decisions about when human life begins were “above my pay grade.” If that is the case, then why does he continue to render such decisions?? If he does not feel that he can correctly determine when life begins, then I should hope he would err on the side of caution and protect life in ALL its forms, rather than supporting the unjustified taking of human life (AKA abortion) and vowing to make it even more accessible than it already is in our society.

There is no “decision” as to when human life begins – it is an absolutely knowable occurrence.  What we can decide is whether or not to protect human life in any and every form.  Despite Obama’s claims to the contrary, he has clearly made his decision on this matter (evident in his support of the Freedom of Choice Act, among other pieces of legislation) – I guess it’s not as far above his pay grade as he would have us believe.

I would rather someone come out clearly on one side of an issue (even if I don’t agree with their stance) than merely equivocating for the sake of political expediency and then hoping we don’t notice when he stops talking out of both sides of his mouth.