This past Saturday, Glenn Beck traveled to Washington, D.C., where he stood on the steps of the Capitol and issued a call for national “revival.”  Unlike revivals of the past, however, this was not a purely Christian revival – the kind where believers are called to the mission field, or new believers get baptized, or churches grow and multiple to reach more of our neighbors for Christ.

Instead, this “revival” sounds like a syncretistic blend of church and conservative politics.  And as much as I think that the conservative “agenda,” generally speaking, derives its values from Christian ethics more so than does the liberal agenda, I think that Glenn Beck’s desired “revival” would actually reflect a hijacking of the true Gospel.  Christ did not come to earth to see certain laws passed and others struck down.  He did not come to earth to advocate for a certain political party, or mindset, or agenda.  He did not predestine Republicans for glory and Democrats for damnation.  To claim otherwise – to tie evangelicalism or Catholicism (or Mormonism) to politics in hopes of advancing your agenda – demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of exactly what Christ came to do and exactly what Christians (should) seek to accomplish in the world around us.

Dr. Russell Moore goes into more detail here.