Below is a list of excellent apologetics resources for independent study.  The list is short now; I promise it’ll keep growing as my own studies continue!

First Steps

Beckwith, Francis and Greg Koukl

   Relativism:  Feet Firmly Planted in Midair – a quick read that effectively summarizes the relativistic worldview so widespread in our culture today.  It discusses the logical inconsistencies in relativistic claims, and provides sound arguments to refute relativism.

Strobel, Lee

   The Case for Christ – Lee’s summary of his initial studies regarding the claims of Christianity.  The information he unearthed during his investigation resulted in his conversion from atheism to Christianity in 1981.

   The Case for Faith – answers to some of skeptics’ most common objections to faith.  Issues addressed include the problem of evil, the exclusivity of Christ, and many others.

   The Case for a Creator – addresses scientific evidence for intelligent design and against evolution.

   The Case for the Real Jesus – discusses recent, popular claims denying either the historicity or divinity of Jesus.  I’ve read all four of Strobel’s books and this one is by far my favorite!

Next Steps

Craig, William Lane

   Reasonable Faith – an excellent, in-depth discussion of various logical claims which support belief in God.  This book is challenging – I’m still working my way through it!

Koukl, Greg

   Tactics – a very quick read!  This book is great for when you feel ready to discuss your knowledge with others.  It provides succinct, memorable, sound instruction on ways to ask and answer questions in an even-tempered, yet pointed and effective manner.  This one is worth reading over and over!


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