If you’ve read this blog’s “about” page, you know that I started it as a means of chronicling my ongoing study of Christian apologetics.  If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll see that I haven’t really talked much about Christian apologetics!  Worldview issues?  Yes.  Culture?  Oh yeah.  But apologetics?  Nah.

This year I’d like to fix that.  About 18 months ago I enrolled in Biola University’s self-study certificate program in apologetics.  It comprises 24 separate lessons (3 modules, 8 lessons each) on a whole host of topics, based on lectures facilitated by renowned scholars in various apologetic disciplines.  There are also 2 recommended books per module.  I got through about 1/3 of the program last year, but then work / travel / family, etc. got in the way.  I’m planning to start over from the beginning and this time, I want to chronicle my progress here and invite readers to read along, ask questions, pose challenges…

I stole this idea from one of my very favorite Christian blogs, Challies Dot Com.  Every so often, Tim Challies does a series called Reading Classics Together, where he selects books on various theological topics, then invites his blog readers to follow along and interact with his guided study of the book.

I’ll plan to post about once each week, with an overview of the lesson and an outline of its salient points.  Who knows where the conversation will go from there?  Besides, there’s an old adage that says “the best way to learn is to teach someone else”…I certainly don’t consider myself a teacher of any sort, but if I think waaaaaay back to my college days (oh so long ago!) I definitely remember a pattern of studying more effectively (and learning more thoroughly) when I did my studying and learning with friends.

Interested?  Keep on the lookout…first installment coming soon!